Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tax Filing Basics: Do You Have to File a Tax Return?

Tax filiing

Not all income earners will have to file a tax return. Several factors could determine if you have to file, including the source of the income, how much you earned, your age and your filing status. For some people this is quite straightforward while for others it is not. For example, tax preparation for small business is sometimes easy and sometimes its quite hectic when there are too many entries to handle.

Check Eligibility

If your gross income is higher than your age threshold and filing status, you have to file a tax return. Provided no other claims arise from someone else.

If you are a dependent on the return of another person, differences exist in the rules. Single dependent under 65 and are not blind, are eligible to file a federal tax return was more than $5950. For the single dependents and are blind, you can file a tax return if your income was more than $7,400.

The under 65 who are married and not blind must file a tax return if their earned income was over $5950. 

Criteria for Self-Employed Persons

There are other reasons to file tax returns. The most frequent reason for undertaking this action if you do not meet the criteria above is for self-employed persons. The self-employed can file a tax return if their net earnings are less than $400. Special taxes, including taxes on retirement accounts, alternative minimum tax (AMT), household employment taxes, Medicare tax are other reasons to file a tax return.

Take a Tax Break

If you have made up your mind not to file a tax, you may have to take advantage of a tax break which is available. Excess with-holdings are an example of refund you might be entitled to. 

A lot of taxpayers may have been part of one of these categories. If you consider your situation to be out of the box, you have to file so that the IRS will not write you saying you should have filed.

Federal Rules

It is also crucial to consider that these are the federal rules. Though state rules might be very different and are quite inconsistent. We have no personal exemption and thus, taxpayers are subject to tax on the first dollar. It is possible, then, that you might have to file a state (or local) income tax return even provided you are exempted from federal income tax.

Or just, Ask For Help!!

As always, if you have questions, ask for help. There are so many resources out there. Most software packages have an interview interface that can walk you through your situation – but remembers that those are only as good as your answers. For the best results, consult with a tax professional or call the taxing authorities.

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